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    You can easily store a large number of photos with free registration.

    no limitations on storage capacity or the number of uploads.

    Even as a free member, there are no limits on storage capacity or the number of uploads. Of course, becoming a premium member offers even more convenient usage.

    You can easily upload from both your PC and smartphone.

    You can easily upload in bulk using various methods including browser, desktop software, Picasa integration, iPhone, and Android.

    You can share photos with family and acquaintances.

    You can share photos with family and acquaintances, and easily set them as public or private within groups you've defined. Of course, if you want various people to see your photos, you can also share them on the internet.

    Communication that expands from photos.

    Engage in casual communication with various people through comments and emails centered around photos. You can express yourself through photo-filled diaries, sharing your day with others

    We're hosting photo contests regularly as well.

    There are monthly portrait contests and photo contests in collaboration with partners, among others. You can submit your best photos and easily put your skills to the test.


    company profile and Contact Info

    About Photozou Koukoku Co., Ltd.

    We are responsible for the operation and management of the photo-sharing site Photozou.

    OFF Line Corporation established a new wholly-owned subsidiary as part of the Photozou business, and through a corporate split involving the transfer of the business primarily focused on photo-sharing, Photozou's operations were spun off to our company.

    CEO: Koichi Ishizuka
    Established: March 2017
    Business: Operation of Photozou


    〒160-0004 4th Floor, Estwin Shinjuku 4-30 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan